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Web and security services in IT since 2002

We are Webbfabriken® -

The founder and CEO Robert Ikenberg

20 years as a specialist

During our 20 years we have worked with cybersecurity, IT solutions, web development and built our own premium web hosting services. With our operating agreements, we take care of your website and e-commerce and the security. As an experienced web agency, we build and design websites and e-commerce solutions.

Privately owned

Financially stable and secure company that owns all the infrastructure and has its own experienced specialists for all the technology and our own services.

Web hosting services

For 20 years, we have built our own premium web hosting service with all the servers, networks, firewalls and security systems.

Web development

With over 30 years of combined expertise in programming, we build and develop modern websites for small and large international companies.

Personal support

Our experienced support technicians has a broad knowledge in coding, web development, building websites, SEO, web design, IT-security and technology.

Why choose Webbfabriken®?

We care extra much

At Webbfabriken®, we believe in long-term customer relationships and work together to achieve our goals. Our goal is for you to feel satisfied and proud of our work and after completing a project we always offer 14 days free support. Complement with our operating and support agreements to monitor and manage your website and security.

We have customers all over the world and the office is located in Sweden, Lidingö. Our meetings are mostly digital using Teams or other meeting services but if you are in Sweden you are welcome to our office for some new fresh coffee or tea. All follow-up meetings take place digitally and all material from us is in digital form.

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Do you need our help?

Order one of our packages

Here we have a couple of ready-made counseling and support packages for you. With these packages you can contact us when you need our knowledge in webdevelopment, design, web hosting, domains, email, computers, websites, security and much more.

The price includes 5 to 20 counseling sessions of 15 minutes each.


SEK 299 / month

  • 5 times of counseling
  • Web Support
  • Support will be answered within 2 days
  • Website Support


SEK 590 / month

  • 10 times of counseling
  • Security Advice
  • Web Support
  • Support will be answered in 1 day
  • Website Support


SEK 1250 / month

  • 20 times of counseling
  • Security Advice
  • Web Support
  • Faster support - within 1 day
  • Website Support

Answers to some common questions

Here you can get answers to some common questions we get about our services, support or products.

Yes, we have our own made Premium Web Hosting - developed during our 20 years in business. It's specially adapted for different systems e.g. WordPress. We have three different packages that you can read more on the web hosting page.
We will help to move your website to our web hosting platform or to a VPS dependent on the type of website you have today. Do you have a regular WordPress based website are ours Premium Web hosting a good first choice. Do you have a self-developed website or a more complex solution, for example running NodeJS / Nuxt and MongoDB database you need a special account. Contact us and we will help you.
If your website has been hacked or infected with a virus, we will help to restore it free of charge, provided that you have the website on our web hosting platform. If you have the website on another web hosting company, we will charge you a fee from SEK 990 per hour ex. VAT. Contact our support for quick help!
Absolutely! We register domains on more than 1000 top level domains, and the most common domains are for .se, .com or .nu. Prices vary for which top-level domain you choose. We take care of the configuration of the DNS zone and all the technical stuff needed. Contact our support if you want to make changes to your domain.
Our Premium Web Hosting does not include email, and you purchase these separately. We are a Microsoft Silver partner and partner with Microsoft services such as Office 365. With Microsoft Office 365, you can be sure to always receive emails you have 50GB of storage for the emails. Contact us to purchase and for more information.
We have broad experience and many years of knowledge in the most common programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, Java, Python, Perl and databases such as MySQL, MongoDB and Postgress. Contact us and tell us more about what you need for help, we set up a project where we help you with programming and development.
Sweden only! We provide support for Mac and Windows computers. We work with computer and server support and provide support on Mac and Windows operating systems and software.
Sweden only! We sell hardware and software licenses such as Office packages, antivirus, CRM systems, WFSecAPI security solutions and backup solutions.

What our customers say about us

During our 20 years, we have had the honor of helping thousands of companies, organizations, foundations and authorities. Here you can read about what some selected customers say about us. If you want to become a customer with us but want more references or maybe talk to one of our customers - get in touch with us!

“We chose the web agency Webbfabriken as they have the longest experience and are exactly the advisors we were looking for. We are incredibly pleased with the expertise and help we have received on our new website and are so pleased! ”

Maria Sundmark

“The web agency Webbfabriken helped us build our new website. We had a rough sketch of what we wanted and they knew exactly how to build it and we were impressed with their knowledge! ”

Jennifer Kann

We just changed to Webbfabriken after we heard a lot of good about them. And what we have experienced so far is very good. They are extremly qualified and they really have control of what they’re doing! Strongly recommended if security and advanced expertise is important for you!

Richard Liljegren

Eventation AB


Meet our team

We are a fantastic team with extensive experience in web development, technology gadgets, IT security, IT, web design and programming and you as a customer will eventually get to know us better.

Kevin - Utvecklare och programmerar i PHP, java, javascript och mycket mer.

Our amazing developer who encodes in PHP, java, javascript, Pythin, SQL databases, Postgres and more.

Susanne - Webbdesigner & översättare
Product Designer

Draws and sketches on products and different models. Writes and translates web texts into different languages e.g. English and German.

Isabella - Webbdesigner och verksamhetsansvarig
Web Designer & Business Manager

Builds and codes fantastically god-looking and professional websites. Likes working in Illustrator and Photoshop and writing texts.

Susanne - Webbdesigner & översättare
Web Designer & Translator

Creates websites and write texts. Translates texts from different languages such as. English, Spanish, German and more.


Technology nerd who likes to tinker with computers and gadgets, lab with windows and network. Provides support for most things with us.

Robert - Vår CEO och grundare
Our CEO and Founder

Tech nerd all the way down the legs. Started writing computer games when he was 6 years old and is the founder of Webbfabriken. Security specialist who previously worked with advanced IT security solutions, PKI and large IT systems.

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