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Welcome to Webbfabriken web and security solutions

Webbfabriken was founded in 2002 with the ambition to offer our experience and deep knowledge to small and large companies around the world. After 14 years of web developing we still love our work helping our customers with their web projects and web design.
We focus on web development, web design, e-commerce, web security and web hosting.
CEO, Robert Ikenberg


Experienced developers who has finished over 3000 projects for small and large international companies. Hire us to create or update a website, do search engine optimization SEO or secure the site against hackers


We are real persons and not a computer software or an app. Instead of a complicated customer portal that can ruin your homepage, we are here to help you in person.
Chat, email or talk to us directly for professional help.


Choose a unique webdesign for your website/webshop or order our pre-made themes for cheaper and faster development. Over 3000 finished web projects makes us plain simple – a very experienced web agency with focus on security and IT.


Use our secure web hosting for your website and secure it from hackers and malware. Let us help you with your WordPress updates and security monitoring. For larger companies we have special security enhancement services and 24×7 support.

Some statistics we are happy about

Web development




Are you seeking for a professional webdeveloper?

Let us help you to develop your next web project, big or small it doesn’t matter. Why choose us? Well it’s just the best solution for you since our professional skills covers everything from development to security to hosting.

SEO Friendly

All websites are by default SEO friendly. Well thats fantastic but you also need to put some effort and hours for SEO optimizations. We have the skills for this don't worry.

Secure Hosting

Let us host your website in a secure and safe manner. We can supervise and monitor your website and be there when you need to update or have any questions.

Tons of experience

We have a long and fantastic journey behind us and some of us was there when internet was just a baby. We have seen the internet and HTML/CSS grow up to be as it is today, just awesome and fantastic!

+3000 web projects

With over 3000 web projects behind us we are one of the most experienced and long lived web development and hosting firm in Sweden and we are here to stay for many more years.



Want a new look? We can help you rebrand or modernize your website and logo.
Hire our expertise to give your company a boost, be more visible in social media. Let us create your new businesscards, marketing material, pencils, company letter, logo and redefining your companys look and feel.


Broad knowledge
We have a broad knowledge in web development and can help you with web development, integration solutions, e-commerce solutions and e-commerce payment integration. Hire our maintenance services for your WordPress site to keep it up to date and secure.


Hiring a good web designer is a must to get your website to be better than your competitors. But good and secure coding are as much important as the design, and thats why we are better than the other - we can both coding, design and security.


We keep it safe®
Our security department will help you with security related projects. Secure your website, install and update antivirus program, remove viruses and trojans, forensic services, camera survilance, uptime monitoring of your services, server/firewall/network administration.

Remote support

Remote IT support services are a quick and efficient way get computer support. Think of it when you sit in front of your computer and quickly need to get computer support or just want an answer of an strange popup window. We can also provide you with on site support.


Our work process within a project are flat and simple. Our model suits all companies from small to large multi language. Our simplicity is there because we beleave that a faster and cleaner development produce better quality and to a lower total cost. Our 14 years in business have thought us to be personal, always there and using speciality knowledge.

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Launch


This is the planning stage where we define what to do and when.

Here we listen to all your ideas and your thoughts. We will then investigate this further and see what is possible to do and what is not. The term “possible to do” is mostly depended on how many hours you will let us spend.
Everything is at the end limited to the cost.


The designphase are usally at the beginning of the project (after planning phase) but normally a parallell phase with development. Which of the two, design and development, are most important is defined in the planning phase.

Sometime the design will change during the project due to time limitations and/or limitation on Web coding standards.


In the development phase we are working with the code or design but still available for your idéas and questions.

This phase is the most dynamic one where most of the time are spent. During development new requirements or requests for design changes are found. Sometime one idea has to go through some development to find out if it’s possible to make or not.


Well, here we open up the Champagne to celebrate your new website. After the launch we are still here to support you and will monitor your site for some days, just to make sure everything is running as planned.

If fine tuning are needed or a bug is found we will fix this as soon as possible.


If this has any meaning to you this is some of our customers that has hired us for different projects.
For 14 years we have been working with web developent, web design, managing our secure web hosting, web security, repairing broken WordPress sites due to updates, cleaning hacked websites, remote IT support and antivirus and trojan hunting.

If you think we can help you please contact us using our contact page. Do you need urgent help for example your homepage has crashed when you updated WordPress or your homepage or computer got a virus – call us or email us now.

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